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Fun Purchases!

Here is a list of products we offer. Please check the ones you wish to purchase, and send it to us and we will contact you to complete your order.
  • Here Comes the Clown
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    A delightful comedy featuring Boswick the Clown, and Ringling Brothers Clown
  • Here Comes the Clown
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    Escenas chistosas no incluidas en la copia final de la pelicula. Reommendado mucho por entusiastas de payasos de todos sitios.
  • Pat in the Hat Comic Book
  • Price: $5.00 Quantity:
    A twenty-page rendering of Pat in the Hat's Adventures as a clown. Kids will love this fun activity book!
  • Pat in the Hat Comic Book
  • Option A $25.00: Includes Balloons, Pump, and Instructional Book.
    Option B $35.00: Includes Balloons, Pump, Instructional Book, and DVD.
    Option C $45: Includes Balloons, Pump, Instructional Book, and DVD, and Here Comes The Clown DVD.
  • Price: $15.00 Quantity:
    Learn and laugh your way to becoming a balloon master with this easy to follow interative DVD.
  • Professional Balloons
    Professional balloon artists can find all the balloon twisting products such as balloons, shapes, and pumps here!
  • Funny Bone Balloon Making DVD
  • Price: $35.00 Quantity:
    Funnybone the Clown, teaches you step-by-step to make simple to advanced Balloon Creation designs.
  • Steve Peck's Games Book Version 1-3
  • Boswick's Joke Book
  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    Games for any occasion! Team building, family parties, kids groups, leadership training and corporate teams– plenty of ideas and filling in any open spots in your interactive scheduling. These games will work well for athletic teams, corporate teams, business meetings, camp counselors and campers, Scouting programs, and more – you’ll enhance the connection of the players attending. With some slight modifications, most of these games encompass all ages. Categories of games include building team member bonds, perception, teambuilding, and closers.
  • Boswick's Balloon DVD
  • Price: $20.00 Quantity:
    Boswick’s Jokes will make any professional family entertainer a star! He has thousands of jokes and comebacks to fire back to any common situation during normal performance. Great for magicians, clowns, balloon makers, and other professionals.
  • $0.00